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Alkinoos stands alone, without his musical partners in crime, often without a microphone and lets the songs take the lead. Ready for all the mistakes, the out of tune moments, the embarrassment, the countless possibilities of letting the moment and crowd interaction guide him. Like a child who abandons his new present, (an ultra-modern spaceship with batteries, lights, sounds, aliens and laser darts), he grabs an old broomstick and goes around the world three times.

These are concerts you attend but also of take part in. The stars of the show are the songs themselves. Naked, as they were at the time of inception, vulnerable and yet stronger than ever, they stand before us. They tell a story in order for us to experience the lack of barriers between audience and artist, the expansion of time, the conversion from solitary to collective, a temporary immortality of sorts.

This programme has been performed a number of times in recent years in Greece and abroad, both in small and large venues, such as the Lycabettus Theatre, the Dasos Theatre and the Skirball Center in New York.

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Sound mixing: Vaggelis Lappas, Vasilis Drougkas
Lighting: Konstantinos Alexiou, Maria Venetaki

ALKINOOS IOANNIDIS - SOLO (Guitar – Voice + Live Looping)

The stage becomes Alkinoos' room. Alone, through the technique of live-looping, he plays, records live on stage and generates acoustic, electric and electronic sounds (through wind, string and percussion instruments), creating aural scenes in which the songs take flight.

Songs from his personal discography, but also unexpected -often to him as well- covers, sometimes conveyed through a guitar, other times using many instruments and technology. In the interaction of these two worlds, the target remains the essence of the song and the songwriting process.

This project was performed for the first time in Alkinoos' 2010 summer tour in small open air theatres, and large spaces such as the Lycabettus Theatre and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, as well as in winter venues the following winter and spring.

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Sound mixing: Vaggelis Lappas, Vasilis Drougkas
Lighting: Konstantinos Alexiou, Maria Venetaki
Stage and Instruments Supervision: Michalis Sioutis

ALKINOOS IOANNIDIS with Yorgos Kaloudis on cello and Cretan lyra

It’s been a long road, with many miles travelled, for these two performers from very different artistic backgrounds to come together. This unique collaboration is based on common aesthetic criteria, the freedom provided by improvisational techniques and the sheer pleasure of sharing a stage and understanding the power of song in the simplest form. This performance will allow listeners to really enjoy the artistic tension and space an acoustic set up provides, without anyone or anything competing to take centre stage. Alkinoos Ioannidis will be performing songs from his personal and collaborative projects, along with tracks from his latest album entitled “Small Suitcase”.

Alkinoos Ioannidis: Lead vocals, Guitar, Lute
Yorgos Kaloudis: Cello, Cretan lyra, Vocals

“Every way out is a return home”
Track: You are your own way, Album: Downpour (2009)


The Greek-Cypriot singer-songwriter – a major folk hero back home, seeking connections with Scottish and international musicians. Thus began his collaboration with Karine Polwart, the two swiftly finding common ground in their songs’ poetically probing approach, their deeply-felt political and philosophical concerns – Ioannidis being a vocal commentator on his homeland’s current travails – and their meticulously crafted lyricism.