About Us

Like “amateurs” who are motived by their passion for cinema aesthetics and techniques with the addition of hours of viewing films in cinema theatres over the previous decades plus endless nights and days on film sets and post production facilities (from the time of film up to digital cinema era), but mainly through our love and respect to the masters of filmmaking, we gained important knowledge for the art of cinema but primarily we lived the creative experience of partnership.

Roll Out Vision Services (Cinema department) was established in 1998 and is based on the island of Cyprus in the capital Nicosia. Over the years, we manage successfully to produce and co-produce feature films, despite the fact of the small industry of the island, and received numerous awards in international film festivals where the films have been screened.

Cinema department is managed by Konstantinos Othonos (aka Ntinos or Dinos), Producer, Director of Photography & Editor. The department is also providing filming and post production services & equipment.

(Just remind, Amateur is the French word for lover)
Konstantinos Othonos